B.J. Novak Unmasking Himself: Behind the Scenes of "The Office"


B.J. Novak, widely known for his role as Ryan Howard in the hit TV show "The Office," opened up about the challenges of breaking character during filming. Novak portrayed the lovable yet ambitious temp-turned-executive for nine seasons, and his performance captivated audiences around the world.

During a recent interview, Novak discussed the difficulty he faced in separating himself from his character, particularly when filming emotional scenes. He admitted that it was a continuous challenge to maintain a professional distance from the character he had become so closely associated with.

Novak emphasized that while he loved his time on "The Office" and cherished the opportunity to bring Ryan Howard to life, there were moments when he struggled to disassociate himself from the role. He acknowledged that this was a sign of the show's influence and the depth of his commitment to his character.


Breaking character, Novak revealed, required a conscious effort to shift focus away from his own emotions and immerse himself in the scene's objectives. He practiced various techniques to help him detach from the intense feelings his character often experienced.

Furthermore, Novak expressed his gratitude for the show's loyal fan base and the impact it had on his career. He recognized that the popularity of "The Office" and its characters helped to shape his professional path, providing numerous opportunities he would not have had otherwise.

In conclusion, B.J. Novak shared insights into the challenges he faced while breaking character on the set of "The Office." He acknowledged the show's lasting influence and expressed his gratitude for the fan support that propelled his career forward. Overall, Novak's performance as Ryan Howard captivated audiences, highlighting his talent and dedication as an actor.