Winter Training Progress Update: Day 104 - Making a Strong Comeback


In this article, the author shares their experience with their back workout on the 104th day of their winter bulk fitness journey. They start by explaining that the back muscles are an important part of overall strength and aesthetics. The author details their workout routine, which includes various exercises to target different areas of the back.

The workout begins with pull-ups, a classic exercise that targets the lats and upper back. The author mentions that they were able to complete four sets of pull-ups, gradually increasing the number of reps in each set. They then move on to bent-over rows, a compound exercise that works the entire back.


The author mentions that they focused on maintaining good form and controlled movements throughout the exercise.

Next, the author incorporates seated cable rows into their routine. This exercise targets the middle back, providing a good pump and burn. The author completes four sets of seated cable rows, gradually increasing the weight with each set. They end their back workout with barbell shrugs, an exercise that targets the traps.

Overall, the author is satisfied with their back workout and feels that they are making progress in their winter bulk fitness journey. They emphasize the importance of consistently challenging oneself and gradually increasing the weight and intensity of workouts to continue seeing results. They also stress the significance of proper form and controlled movements to avoid injury and maximize the effectiveness of each exercise.