Eagles WR A.J. Brown Hilariously Went On Instagram Live After Getting His Wisdom Teeth Removed (VIDEO)

Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver A.J. Brown recently underwent a significant operation, although it may not be what many would expect. Brown had his wisdom teeth removed, an oral procedure that can leave the patient with discomfort for a period of time. After the surgery, Brown took to Instagram Live to share the news with his followers, unaware of just how much the anesthesia was affecting him. The video clip of Brown on IG Live is indeed entertaining, as it is clear that he was still under the influence of the medication given to him by the dentist. His speech was slurred, and he seemed to be in a lighthearted and jovial mood.

Many viewers found the clip hilarious and enjoyed the light-heartedness that Brown displayed despite his post-surgery discomfort. The timing of Brown's surgery is worth noting, as it occurred shortly before the Philadelphia Eagles' first preseason game against the Baltimore Ravens. As of now, it remains uncertain whether Brown and other starters will participate in the game.

The decision will likely depend on the team's coaching staff and medical personnel, who will assess the players' health and readiness to participate. The preseason game against the Ravens is scheduled for Saturday at 7 p.m. ET. It will mark an important opportunity for both teams to evaluate their players' performance and make any necessary adjustments for the upcoming regular season. While Brown's participation may be uncertain due to his recent oral surgery, fans and coaches will be monitoring his progress closely in the coming days. Wisdom teeth removal is a common dental procedure that many individuals undergo in their late teens or early twenties. Despite the potential discomfort and recovery time, it is typically a routine operation that people can fully recover from within a few days to a week. Brown's willingness to share the process and make light of his temporarily altered state post-surgery undoubtedly added a touch of humor to an otherwise routine dental situation.