Beyond the Funeral Home: The Remnants of Ashes and Untold Stories


This article explores what happens to the remains of a loved one after being cremated. It delves into the various options and rituals people follow with their loved one's ashes.

The article emphasizes that while the physical body may be gone, the emotional connection to the deceased remains. The ashes can hold a great deal of sentimental value, with many people choosing to keep them at home in decorative urns or other containers. Some even create custom jewelry or artwork incorporating the ashes.

The article also mentions the option of scattering the ashes, either in a designated area such as a memorial garden, or in a personally meaningful location.


This act can provide closure for some individuals, as they bid a final farewell to their loved one.

Furthermore, the article highlights the growing trend of eco-friendly options for ash disposition. These include biodegradable urns made from materials such as sand, salt, or recycled paper, which can be buried to nourish a tree or plant. Another option is to release the ashes into the sea, allowing them to become part of the natural environment.

Overall, the article emphasizes the importance of personal choice when it comes to handling a loved one's ashes. It encourages individuals to consider what would best honor the memory of the deceased and provide solace for the bereaved. Whether it be keeping the ashes close by or letting them become part of nature, the article suggests that the decision can bring comfort and a sense of closure to those left behind.