The Emerald Corpses - a Gravekeeper's Crucible


The role of morticians has evolved as the demand for environmentally friendly burial options grows. Green burials aim to reduce the environmental impact caused by traditional burial practices. However, this has posed a challenge for morticians who must adapt to this new trend.

Green burials involve using biodegradable materials such as wicker or bamboo coffins and avoiding embalming chemicals. Instead of burying bodies in concrete burial vaults, they are laid to rest in natural settings, allowing them to decompose naturally and contribute to the earth's ecosystem.

For morticians, this shift in practices has required them to acquire new skills and knowledge to meet the demands of their eco-conscious clientele.


They must learn about eco-friendly burial options, including the types of biodegradable caskets available and the appropriate burial techniques. Additionally, they need to be aware of local regulations and standards regarding green burials.

Despite the challenges, many morticians are embracing the shift towards green burials. They understand the importance of preserving the environment and are eager to provide options that align with their clients' values. They work closely with funeral homes and other professionals in the industry to ensure that green burials are executed properly.

This change in the funeral industry not only benefits the environment but also offers a more personalized and meaningful experience for grieving families. It allows them to be more involved in the burial process and have a deeper connection with nature.

Overall, the rise of green burials has presented a challenge for morticians, but one that they are willing to tackle in order to meet the demands of a more environmentally conscious society.