Dispatching a Corpse Abroad via Aircraft


When it comes to repatriating a loved one who has passed away abroad, the options have typically been limited to either shipping the body back to the home country or burying the deceased at the foreign location. However, a new service called "sending a body overseas on a plane" is revolutionizing the way this process is carried out.

This innovative service allows grieving families to fly alongside the body of their deceased loved one on a commercial airline. By transforming the cargo areas of passenger planes into temperature-controlled compartments, the service ensures that the body is kept in a dignified and respectful manner throughout the journey.


The process begins with the deceased being placed in a specialized casket or container that meets international repatriation requirements. The family can then book their own tickets on the same flight or choose to fly with their loved one on a separate flight arranged specifically for the purpose. The body is accompanied by a trained professional who ensures proper handling, including taking care of paperwork and obtaining necessary permits.

This unique service offers several advantages over traditional methods. By allowing families to personally accompany the body, it provides them with a sense of closure and the opportunity to say a final goodbye. It also eliminates the need for embalming, as the body is kept cold throughout the journey. Furthermore, flying the body on a passenger plane is often more cost-effective than other options, such as hiring a dedicated cargo plane.

Overall, this new service is revolutionizing the repatriation process by providing a more personal and affordable alternative for families to bring their deceased loved ones back home from abroad.