Freezing Gains: 100th Day of Winter Bulking - A Strong Comeback


In this article titled "Winter Bulk Day 100 - Back," the author discusses their progress and journey in their winter bulk program specifically focusing on their back muscles. The author mentions that they are at day 100 of their bulk program and discusses the exercises they have been doing to strengthen their back muscles. 

They highlight the importance of working on their back as it supports and enhances other upper body exercises such as bench press and overhead press. The author states that they have been doing various types of pull-ups and rows to target different areas of their back. They also mention using resistance bands to add intensity to their workouts. The author acknowledges that their back muscles have become much stronger and more defined after consistent training. 

They discuss their goals for the future, which include continuing to build and shape their back muscles even further. The author concludes the article by expressing their satisfaction with their progress and motivation to continue their winter bulk program.