Epic Tattoo Conventions of 2019: A 7-Hour Journey with EPICJONTUAZON


The article discusses the upcoming tattoo conventions that will take place in 2019. The author, EPICJONTUAZON, is known for his passion for tattoos and attending tattoo conventions. He has created a shortened, seven-hour version of his video footage from the conventions.

EPICJONTUAZON starts by explaining that tattoo conventions are events where tattoo artists and enthusiasts come together to showcase their work, discover new trends, and share their passion for body art. These conventions often include live tattooing, seminars, competitions, and entertainment.

The author mentions that he has attended several tattoo conventions in the past and is excited for the upcoming ones in 2019. He has compiled a video of his experiences at these conventions and has created a shorter, seven-hour version for viewers to enjoy.


EPICJONTUAZON emphasizes that tattoo conventions are not just about getting tattoos but also about the experience and community. He believes that attending these conventions allows individuals to connect with like-minded people and learn more about the artistry and culture of tattoos.

In conclusion, EPICJONTUAZON is thrilled about the upcoming tattoo conventions in 2019 and has created a shortened video to share his experiences with viewers. He encourages others to attend these events to appreciate the artistry and community of tattoo culture.