East Coast Automotive Showcase: WekFest 2013


WekFest East 2013 is an event that celebrates car culture and brings together car enthusiasts from all over the country. The festival showcases a wide range of modified and custom cars, highlighting the creativity and passion of their owners.

The event took place in New Jersey, attracting thousands of attendees who came to admire the incredible vehicles on display. Car enthusiasts were treated to a variety of cars, including imports, domestics, and exotics, all modified to reflect the unique tastes and styles of their owners.

WekFest East 2013 not only displayed the cars themselves but also provided an opportunity for car enthusiasts to connect with others who shared their passion.


Attendees were able to meet the owners of the cars, exchange ideas and experiences, and learn from each other's expertise.

The event also featured various competitions and awards, recognizing the outstanding vehicles and the skills of their creators. Judges carefully evaluated each car, taking into account factors such as craftsmanship, creativity, and overall presentation. The winners were then announced, receiving recognition for their hard work and dedication.

Overall, WekFest East 2013 successfully brought the car community together, allowing enthusiasts to appreciate and celebrate their shared love for automobiles. The event showcased the beauty and innovation in the car modification world, encouraging creativity and inspiring others to pursue their passion. It was a memorable event that left attendees eagerly awaiting the next WekFest East.