Snoop Dogg shares his plan of inviting Michael Jordan to smoke a blunt

Despite his stature as a cultural icon, Snoop Dogg still hasn't achieved his dream of meeting Michael Jordan. The hip-hop mogul wants to meet the GOAT so badly that he already knows what he will say to him: "Do you want to smoke a blunt?"

Turning down Michael Jordan

According to Snoop, he actually had a chance to meet Jordan when he was invited to DJ at an event. Snoop declined for reasons only known to him. He acknowledged it as one big mistake, as Snoop, like any other normal human being, looks up to His Airness as an athlete and a person.

"One of the craziest deals I turned down was $2 million to DJ for a Michael Jordan event, and I turned it down," Snoop recalled, per IMPAULSIVE. "I was doing some other s***, I had s*** to do and I had way more customers before I get to you."

"I wanna meet him as a fan, as a boss," Snoop continued. "It's like, 'Mike, I've loved you since North Carolina, I'm a big fan of yours, I love what you do, you one of the greatest to ever do it. Give me a couple of secrets on how you did this. Can I get a picture with you? You wanna smoke a blunt? Hey man, it's been real.'"

How Snoop became a fan

Snoop didn't become a fan when Jordan already had six titles on his resume. Snoop has been following the GOAT since his days in North Carolina. According to the hip-hop star, he became a Jordan fan when North Carolina beat Georgetown in the NCAA Finals and also when the Chicago Bulls beat the Los Angeles Lakers in the NBA Finals.

"I watched him at North Carolina as a freshman do his thing and beat Georgetown," Snoop recalled. "I was a Georgetown fan back then. He hit my team. I had to fall in love with him because he hit my team."

"His first championship came through us," Snoop continued. "He had to beat the Lakers… You earn respect through competition."

We can say Snoop is definitely a diehard sports fan. He's not one of those people who becomes a fan once the team is basking in glory. He remains loyal to his team and is sad when they are in the gutter. He gives credit to the enemy and doesn't downplay their success. He even goes out of his way to invite the enemy to smoke a blunt.