Tipsy Shep & Boozy Jared: Hilarious Habits Their Kids Inherit from Them


In an article titled "Shep is Drunk Jared" Jensen & Jared Talk About the Funny Traits Their Kids Share With Them, the main idea is that actors Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki, who are best known for their roles in the TV show "Supernatural," discussed the amusing similarities between their real-life children and their characters on the show.

During a virtual event called "Raising Our Kids Right," moderated by their former co-star Misha Collins, the actors shared stories about their children. Ackles, who portrayed the character Dean Winchester on the show, mentioned how his three-year-old daughter, Arrow, acts very much like him when he's had a couple of drinks and becomes a bit "loose-lipped." He jokingly referred to her as "Shep is Drunk Jared," referencing Padalecki's character Sam Winchester who often gets drunk on the show.


Meanwhile, Padalecki talked about his two boys, Thomas and Shepherd, and how they exhibit traits that remind him of his own character. He described Thomas as sensitive and empathetic, similar to Sam Winchester, who is known for his caring nature. Padalecki also shared that his youngest son Shepherd has a mischievous side like his on-screen character.

Both actors admitted that it's amusing to see their children display traits that resemble the characters they portrayed on "Supernatural". They also discussed the challenges of parenthood and how they try to guide their children in the right direction while allowing them to be themselves. The event concluded with Collins acknowledging the strong bond between the two actors and praising their dedication as fathers.

Overall, the article revolves around Ackles and Padalecki's discussion on the funny resemblances between their respective children and the characters they played on "Supernatural." It highlights their shared experiences as parents and the joy they find in observing these similarities.