Quick Answers to Commonly Asked Questions about Funeral Homes


This article provides answers to commonly asked questions about mortuaries in a quick and concise manner.

The first question addressed is whether it is mandatory to embalm a deceased person. The article explains that embalming is not mandatory, but it is required in certain situations, such as when the body is going to be transported across state lines. The author clarifies that the decision of embalming is ultimately up to the family or the deceased person themselves, unless legal requirements dictate otherwise.

Next, the article tackles the question of whether it is necessary to purchase a casket from the funeral home. The author responds by saying that funeral homes are legally required to accept caskets purchased from outside sources, such as online retailers. This allows families more freedom and choice when it comes to purchasing a casket, potentially saving them money in the process.


Moving on, the article addresses the cost of cremation compared to traditional burial. The author explains that cremation is generally less expensive than burial, primarily due to the absence of a casket and burial plot. However, additional costs may be incurred depending on the chosen method of cremation and any associated services.

Lastly, the article provides information on the regulations surrounding scattering ashes. It states that scattering ashes is generally allowed in most locations, but it is advised to check with local laws and regulations to ensure compliance. The author advises considering alternatives such as scattering in a memorial garden or using eco-friendly options if scattering in nature is not permitted.

Overall, this article provides quick and informative answers to common questions regarding mortuaries, offering readers a clearer understanding of these funeral-related processes.