3 Deleted Scenes From The Office Superfan Episodes We Can't Believe They Cut


3 Michael Gets Left With A $400 Bill After The Dundies — "The Dundies"

The Office Superfan Episodes season 2, episode 1

"The Dundies" is another classic episode of The Office, so it's no surprise that it has one of the best deleted scenes from the Superfan Episodes. When Michael neglects to tell his employees that the company won't be paying for their dinner, several people leave their bills behind, forcing Michael to make up the $400 difference. This scene is fitting considering he told them they wouldn't have to pay, but the really great part about it is that Michael doesn't even care.

He is so filled with joy from the successful Dundies that the bill doesn't concern him one bit. Michael is just so happy to have been able to entertain people and bring some laughter into their lives, that money never crosses his mind. With that in mind,


this is one of the most endearing Michael Scott moments, showing the selfless side of him that's often hidden beneath his need for gratification. This could have been a great moment to deepen fans' connection to the character, but luckily, The Office manages that just fine anyway.

2 Pam Asks Goldenface Why His Face Is Gold — "Threat Level Midnight"

The Office Superfan Episodes season 7, episode 16

"Threat Level Midnight", another classic episode of The Office, also has loads of great deleted scenes in the Superfan edition. One of the best comes when Pam asks Jim's movie character, Goldenface, why his face is gold. He responds that he worked in a gold factory where the boss never fed them, so they were forced to eat gold, which turned his face gold.


This interaction is easily funny enough to have made the original cut, and it shows a moment of Jim and Pam bonding in front of Roy, which could have been a nostalgic addition to the episode.

1 Dwight Tries Even More Tactics To Break Jan's Stroller — "Baby Shower"

The Office Superfan Episodes season 5, episode 4In The Office season 5, episode 4, "Baby Shower", Jan brings her newborn daughter into the office to meet Michael and the others at Dunder Mifflin. Upon seeing the expensive stroller Jan bought, Dwight takes it upon himself to rigorously test its durability. The Superfan cut of this episode includes several more ridiculous attempts by Dwight to prove the stroller's inadequacy, some of which could have been hilarious additions to the original cut.


The best of these scenes is when Dwight simply pushes the stroller into the middle of the road, careless of any cars that might pass by.

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