Glamorizing a Cranial Swelling: Artistry in the Mortuary


A recent article entitled "Cosmetising a bump on the head, in the mortuary" highlights the practice of enhancing the appearance of deceased individuals in mortuaries. The primary goal is to present a more peaceful and natural image of the deceased to their loved ones during the viewing.

The article describes the process of cosmetising, which involves carefully applying makeup to cover wounds, bruises, and even bumps on the head. Funeral directors and embalmers take great care in achieving a natural look, using specialized techniques and products to ensure the deceased looks as close to their normal self as possible.


This practice has become increasingly common as families desire to remember their loved ones as they were in life. It can be especially useful in cases where the individual had suffered a trauma or an accident resulting in visible injuries. By skillfully applying cosmetics, professionals in the mortuary help ease the pain of grieving families by allowing a peaceful image of their loved one to remain in their memories.

The article also speaks to the ethical debate surrounding this practice, with some arguing that it may blur the lines between reality and a carefully constructed image. However, supporters assert that it provides comfort and closure for the bereaved, allowing them to say goodbye to their loved ones without the lasting memory of their injuries.

Overall, the article sheds light on the delicate art of cosmetising in mortuaries, highlighting its purpose of presenting a serene and natural appearance of the deceased to bring solace to grieving families.