Closing the lips forever: unraveling the final moments of life with braces


This article discusses the practice of closing the mouths of deceased individuals who are wearing braces. The process is typically done by orthodontists or funeral directors to ensure the mouth stays closed during the viewing or funeral services.

The article explores the reasons behind this practice, including aesthetic and practical considerations. Orthodontists argue that closing the mouth of a deceased person with braces helps maintain a natural appearance and prevents the braces from becoming a focal point during the grieving process. Funeral directors also support this method to create a more peaceful and respectful presentation of the deceased.


The process itself involves attaching a soft, reusable cloth or a plastic device to the braces to hold the mouth closed. This is typically done within a few hours after death, and the device is removed before burial or cremation.

Critics of this practice argue that it is unnecessary and merely serves a cosmetic purpose. They claim that the deceased should be presented in a more natural state, and that families should be educated about the potential impact of braces on the appearance of their loved one.

In conclusion, while the practice of closing the mouths of deceased individuals with braces may seem unusual, it serves the purpose of maintaining a natural appearance and reducing any potential focus on the braces during mourning. However, others believe that it is unnecessary and that families should have the option to decide how their loved ones are presented in death.