Bravo!! 1979 Lincoln Mark V - The Mark V Mistress!

The 1979 Lincoln Mark V, lovingly nicknamed "The Other Girl" by owner Robby Chipley, is a true beauty that was brought back to life after being purchased at an insurance auction for just $500. Robby spent countless hours perfecting the glossy black paint job in his body shop and giving the car some gangster flair while still keeping it fairly faithful to its original design.

The suspension features two Black Magic pumps, whammy tank, six batteries, six switches, and four Delta dumps, and rides on 13-inch OG wire wheels with graphite-coated spokes and three-prong knockoffs. Inside, the black leather and purple suede interior is accented with piping to match the two-tone look, and the original 8-track sound system adds to the retro vibe. Overall, this classic land yacht is a stunning example of what can be achieved with patience, dedication, and a lot of hard work.