Best 3 Exercises to Build a Great Looking Chest!


Here are the top three exercises for building a well-defined and aesthetic chest:

1. Incline Dumbbell Press (Upper Pecs): Research suggests that a 30-degree incline on the bench is optimal for targeting the upper chest fibers while minimizing the involvement of the front delts. Using dumbbells allows the hands to come closer together at the top of the movement, increasing adduction of the arms and providing more overall resistance compared to a barbell bench press.

2. High to Low Cable Crossover (Lower Pecs): This exercise can be done with cables or a resistance band. To maximize chest contraction, it's important to bring the arms down and across the chest, rather than stopping at midline. Crossing the arms over each other allows for greater adduction and helps develop the chest muscles.


3. Dumbbell Pullover: Instead of flaring the elbows outward, straighten the arms as much as possible. This exercise targets the upper pecs and minimizes the involvement of the lats. Squeezing the backs of the hands together at the end of each rep intensifies the upper chest contraction. Additionally, the dumbbell pullover can also be used to develop the serratus muscle, which improves the overall aesthetic look of the chest.

To learn more about these exercises, you can watch the accompanying video. Additionally, you can try the Witcher Workouts or a 20-minute Chest Workout for a complete chest development.