Winter 2021/2022 Equestrian Morning Ritual: A Peek into This Esme's Horse-Filled Mornings

In the winter of 2021/2022, popular YouTuber and equestrian This Esme shared her morning routine in a video advertisement. This article provides a summary of her routine.

This Esme starts her morning routine early, waking up at around 6:30 am. To prepare for the cold winter weather, she begins by putting on several layers of clothing, including thermal layers and a waterproof jacket. Next, she feeds her chickens and gathers the eggs they have laid.

After attending to her chickens, This Esme prepares breakfast for herself and her horse. She explains that horses need extra nourishment during the winter months since they burn more calories to stay warm. She feeds her horse a mixture of oats, supplements, and haylage.

Following breakfast, This Esme heads out to the stable to bring her horse in from the field. She emphasizes the importance of checking the field for any hazards, such as icy patches, before turning the horse out. Once inside the stable, she brushes her horse's coat and checks for any injuries or abnormalities. She also checks the hooves for any signs of lameness or discomfort.

After grooming her horse, This Esme puts on the necessary tack and equipment for her ride. This includes a saddle, bridle, and protective boots. She also ensures that the horse's feet are clean and free from any debris before applying hoof boots.

Before riding, This Esme warms up her horse by walking him around the arena in hand. This helps to loosen his muscles and prepare him for the ride ahead. She then mounts her horse and begins her training session, focusing on various exercises and movements to improve their riding skills.

After the ride, This Esme takes off the tack and gives her horse a well-deserved treat. She also checks his legs for any heat or swelling and offers him a drink of water. Once her horse is settled, This Esme cleans and tidies up the stable, ensuring that everything is organized and ready for the next day.

This Esme's morning routine as an equestrian in the winter of 2021/2022 involves taking care of her horse's needs and ensuring he is comfortable and prepared for the day. Through her thorough and organized routine, she demonstrates the dedication and responsibility required to be an equestrian.