Matt Bomer Calls Fatherhood a 'Profound Gift' and a 'Daunting Challenge'


Actor Matt Bomer is embracing the challenges that fatherhood brings, and has expressed his love for the joyous and daunting task. Bomer, who stars in HBO’s The Normal Heart, has three sons aged nine and six-year-old twins with his husband, publicist Simon Halls. The actor acknowledges the immense responsibility that comes with parenting, and aims to support his children in their development, without taking away from their natural personalities. 

Bomer believes that the upcoming film will be an important part of his children’s education in understanding a significant part of his own personal history, however they are “really young” so he would not be introducing them to it anytime soon. Bomer adds that people should view the film with gratitude for previous generations who fought during times when it was neither popular nor easy to do so, and emphasizes the importance of those efforts in enabling him to hold hands with his husband. 

The star is currently looking forward to spending the summer with his family in New York while working on the next season of White Collar. Despite admitting to mixed emotions accompanying his son recently losing his front teeth, Bomer says his son looks “cute” with the gap.