Bob Wall's Eyewitness Account: A Stuntman's Brave Challenge Against Bruce Lee on Way of The Dragon Set


In a recent article, it is revealed that a stuntman once challenged the legendary Bruce Lee on the set of the movie "Way of The Dragon." The incident was witnessed by Bob Wall, another actor and martial artist who was also involved in the film.

According to Wall, the stuntman was known for being arrogant and wanted to test his skills against Lee, who was already renowned for his martial arts abilities. Despite the stuntman's confidence, Wall believed that he was no match for Lee.

On the day of the challenge, Lee and the stuntman engaged in a fight scene.


It quickly became apparent that the stuntman was outmatched, with Lee effortlessly displaying his skill and speed. Lee eventually defeated the stuntman, proving his superiority in combat.

The incident serves as a reminder of Lee's incredible talent and dominance in the world of martial arts. It also highlights the respect and admiration he commanded from his peers. Wall, who witnessed the entire scene, was in awe of Lee's abilities and considered him to be one of the greatest martial artists of all time.

Overall, this article sheds light on an intriguing moment from the filming of "Way of The Dragon." It showcases the unmatched talent and prowess of Bruce Lee while also highlighting the lasting impact he has had on the martial arts world.