Natalia Bryant, Kobe's daughter, starts working for Beyonce

Natalia Bryant, Kobe Bryant's eldest daughter, has started working for Beyonce, as she will accompany the famous American singer on her Renaissance World Tour.

According to the American media Access. Natalia Bryant, who studies at the University of Southern California, is doing an internship at Parkwood Entertainment.

Parkwood is the record label and management company that Beyonce, wife of Jay-Z, founded in 2010.

Although as Access portal states, it is not the first time they work together, as she was part of the Adidas Ivy Park campaign video in November 2021.

"I'm so excited to be a part of the new Ivy Park campaign !!!! I love you so much Auntie BB!!!", Bryant mentioned at the time.

Although for some social media users, Natalia's new job is another sign of nepotism in the industry, others have not stopped supporting the young student with encouraging tweets and photos online.