Larsa Pippen Has Not Seen Michael Jordan Since Dating Marcus Jordan, Has Made Things 'Awkward'

It's now been almost a year since Marcus Jordan, son of NBA legend Michael Jordan, started dating Larsa Pippen, ex-wife of NBA legend and teammate of Michael, Scottie Pippen. There is a lot about the situation that could be awkward for a lot of different parties, and Larsa revealed recently on a podcast that that is the case with her and Michael.

Larsa Pippen recently appeared on the "Whine Down with Jana Kramer" podcast and discussed some of the different parts of her relationship with Marcus and the Jordan family in general, according to an article from the New York Post. Larsa revealed some interesting information when she was asked about spending time with Michael.

"No, I haven't hangout with his dad," Larsa said on the podcast. "I've only hung out with his mom."

The mom is the ex-wife of Michael, Juanita. Michael is now married to Yvette Prieto and they have been married for 10 years.

Obviously, this is a unique situation for everyone involved. Larsa is dating the son of her ex-husband's teammate, who just so happens to be one of the best NBA players in history. It's a sticky situation, and she knows that.

"I feel like it's probably awkward for them, for my ex and Michael, but I get it," she said. "I'm not crazy. I understand it's different for them."

Because of said uniqueness of this relationship, Larsa and Marcus will likely continue to get a lot of questions asked to them throughout their relationship. It is definitely one of the more prominent celebrity relationships at the moment.