Pre-Camp Adventures: Join This Esme on the Exciting Day Before Pony Camp!

Vlog | Day Before Pony Camp | This Esme is a video blog by a young girl named Esme, who shares her experiences and activities related to horse riding. In the video titled "Day Before Pony Camp," Esme talks about her excitement and preparations for an upcoming pony camp.

Esme begins the video by mentioning that she will be going to pony camp the next day, which she has been eagerly waiting for. She reveals that pony camp is a place where children who love horses and ponies can go to learn and have fun with these animals. Esme explains that she will be spending five days at the camp, and this will be her third year attending it.

As she gathers her riding gear and packs her bag, Esme shows the audience what she will be bringing to the camp. She talks about essential items such as riding helmets, boots, jodhpurs, and gloves, emphasizing the importance of safety while riding horses. Esme also mentions that she needs to pack clothes for different weather conditions and a sleeping bag for the overnight stay.

Esme then takes the viewers to see her ponies, Belle and Blue, who will not be joining her at the camp. She mentions that she has arranged for someone to look after them and ensure they are well taken care of in her absence. Esme expresses her love for her ponies and how much she will miss them during the camp.

Next, Esme talks about the activities and lessons she is looking forward to at pony camp. She mentions that there will be riding lessons, stable management sessions, and even a competition at the end of the week. Esme expresses her excitement about meeting other horse enthusiasts and making new friends at the camp.

Towards the end of the video, Esme prepares her horse trailer, which will be used to transport her pony to the camp. She explains that she needs to ensure the trailer is clean and safe for her pony's journey.

Overall, the video provides a glimpse into Esme's anticipation and preparations for pony camp. It highlights the love and dedication she has for horses and ponies, as well as the valuable experiences and friendships she anticipates gaining from the camp.