Jared Padalecki's Epic Prank on Misha Collins Gets Him Evicted from the Room!


Jared Padalecki recently played an epic prank on his co-star Misha Collins, which ended up getting him kicked out of the room they were in. In a hilarious turn of events, Padalecki decided to pull off a prank that would leave Collins completely stunned.

The prank began innocently enough, with Padalecki secretly hiding a raccoon in Collins' dressing room. As Collins entered the room unsuspectingly, he was met with a surprising and chaotic scene. The raccoon, obviously startled, began running wild, causing chaos and confusion.

Collins, taken aback by the unexpected guest, initially tried to handle the situation, but it proved to be more than he could handle. As the raccoon continued to wreak havoc, he had no choice but to take actions to ensure his safety. In a moment of panic, Collins kicked out Padalecki from the room, leaving him in fits of laughter.


The prank proved to be a huge success, as Padalecki managed to surprise and entertain not only Collins but also the crew present. The incident brought a refreshing and light-hearted atmosphere to the set, with everyone appreciating the fun-filled moment.

This playful interaction between Padalecki and Collins showcases the strong camaraderie and friendship among the Supernatural actors. This friendly prank undoubtedly left an unforgettable memory for everyone involved and is a testament to the lively and enjoyable environment on set.