Jensen Ackles shares his reaction to Tom Welling's casting as Samuel Campbell in 'The Winchesters'


Jensen Ackles, star of the hit TV show Supernatural, has expressed his thoughts on the casting of Tom Welling as Samuel Campbell in the upcoming spin-off series called "The Winchesters." Ackles, who played the character of Dean Winchester in Supernatural, recently took to social media to comment on the news.

In his post, Ackles congratulated Welling for landing the role of Samuel Campbell, a character who is the grandfather of Dean and Sam Winchester. He expressed his excitement about the upcoming series and revealed that he had been secretly hoping for Welling to be cast in the role.

Ackles emphasized the importance of having a talented and experienced actor like Welling join the Supernatural universe, given his previous success in another popular TV show, Smallville. The actor mentioned that he had always admired Welling's work and believed that his addition to "The Winchesters" would bring a new dynamic to the story.


The announcement of Welling's casting has generated a lot of buzz among fans of Supernatural, who are eagerly anticipating the spin-off. Many viewers have praised the decision to cast Welling, citing his previous performances as evidence of his ability to bring depth and complexity to his characters.

With Ackles showing his support for Welling's casting, it seems that "The Winchesters" is off to a promising start. Fans can look forward to seeing the dynamic between Ackles and Welling unfold on screen as the spin-off series explores the rich backstory of the Winchester family.