Eddie Jones teases he will be back in a rugby coaching job ‘very shortly’

The ever-energetic Eddie Jones has assured fans that he will soon be back in the world of rugby, following his recent departure from his coaching role with the Barbarians. Despite suffering a 49-26 defeat at the hands of Wales, Jones remained in high spirits as he left the Principality Stadium in Cardiff. When asked if he would return to another coaching job, possibly with another national team, the 63-year-old replied with confidence, stating, "A hundred percent, hundred percent... very shortly, very shortly."

While there have been ongoing rumors linking Jones to a position in Japanese rugby, where he previously served as the national team coach, he dismissed these claims earlier in the week, stating that he had not engaged in any job interviews or received any offers. However, following a tumultuous week which saw him abruptly leave the Australian team and rejoin 10 Wallaby Barbarians in a losing effort against Wales, Jones did not shy away from offering some parting words of encouragement to the team he had just left behind.

Eight members of Jones's World Cup squad were a part of the Barbarians team, and they performed admirably in the non-cap international match. Observing their potential, Jones expressed his belief in their future success, singling out players like Tom Hooper and Angus Bell as standout performers. He believes these young talents will develop into world-class players, capable of making a significant impact on the sport.

Despite leaving Australia under controversial circumstances, Jones remains optimistic about the future of Australian rugby. Reflecting on their tough World Cup campaign, he believes that the experience gained will help them build resilience and a stronger work ethic. With a talented pool of young players, Jones is confident that the Wallabies will regain their competitive edge. In fact, he predicts that they will be a force to be reckoned with when the British and Irish Lions tour Australia in 2025.

The significance of the Lions series is not lost on Jones, who compares it to the popular soap opera "Home and Away." He recognizes the passion of Australian sports fans and acknowledges that their support can waver during tough times. However, he remains hopeful that a taste of success will reignite their enthusiasm and support for the sport.

In conclusion, Eddie Jones's departure from the Barbarians has not dampened his spirits. He is eager to return to the rugby world and make an impact once again. While his future plans remain uncertain, one thing is clear: Eddie Jones's energy and passion for the sport are undeniable, and he will undoubtedly find his way back into another coaching role in the near future.