Love in Paris: A Romantic Tale of Veronika and Florian at RTSF 2017


The article discusses the participation of Veronika and Florian in the RTSF 2017 competition. Veronika and Florian are a dance duo from Germany who practice hoop dance, a form of dance that involves the use of hula hoops.

Veronika and Florian have been selected to compete in the RTSF 2017 competition, which is a prestigious event in the world of hoop dance. They are excited about the opportunity to showcase their skills and creativity on a big stage, alongside other talented dancers from around the world.

The article highlights Veronika and Florian's dedication and hard work in preparing for the competition. They have spent countless hours practicing their routine, refining their moves, and perfecting their coordination. They have also put a lot of effort into selecting the perfect music and costume to complement their performance.


Veronika and Florian's unique style of hoop dance is described as a combination of grace, strength, and precision. Their choreography is intricate and visually captivating, with a seamless flow of movements and formations. They are known for their ability to manipulate multiple hoops at the same time, creating visually stunning patterns and shapes.

The article concludes by expressing the anticipation and excitement surrounding Veronika and Florian's upcoming performance in the RTSF 2017 competition. The duo hopes to impress the judges and audience with their talent, creativity, and passion for hoop dance. They are determined to give their best performance and leave a lasting impression on everyone who witnesses their artistry.