Thorbjorn & Susanne, Steinar & Anne Shine at the 2013 Boogie Woogie & Rock'n'Roll Showcase


The article discusses the Boogie Woogie & Rock'n'Roll Showcase that took place during the RTSF 2013 event. The showcase featured performances by talented dancers Thorbjorn and Susanne, as well as Steinar and Anne. These couples impressed the audience with their exceptional dance routines and skills.

Thorbjorn and Susanne's performance was filled with energy and charisma. They showcased their remarkable footwork and synchronized movements, captivating the crowd. Their chemistry and seamless coordination were evident throughout their performance, leaving the audience in awe.

Steinar and Anne also delivered a memorable performance. Their dance routine combined elements of Rock'n'Roll and Boogie Woogie, showcasing their versatility as dancers. Their powerful and dynamic routine showcased their passion for dance and their intricate footwork amazed the audience.


The showcase provided a platform for these talented dancers to display their skills and passion for dance. It allowed them to showcase their individual styles and unique interpretations of the Boogie Woogie and Rock'n'Roll genres.

The audience at the RTSF 2013 event were left thoroughly entertained and impressed by the talents of Thorbjorn, Susanne, Steinar, and Anne. Their dedication to their craft was evident in their performances, and they left a lasting impression on all who attended the showcase.

Overall, the Boogie Woogie & Rock'n'Roll Showcase at RTSF 2013 was a highlight of the event, featuring incredible performances by Thorbjorn and Susanne, as well as Steinar and Anne. These dancers demonstrated their exceptional skills and passion for dance, leaving the audience wanting more.