Unleashing the Ink: Atlantic City Tattoo Expo 2018 | Embracing the Wild Side


The Atlantic City Tattoo Expo 2018, also known as Drawin' the Wild Card, is set to take place soon. This event will bring together tattoo artists from all over the country to showcase their talent and provide attendees with a unique experience.

The expo will feature a variety of activities and entertainment, including live tattooing demonstrations, competitions, and workshops. Attendees will have the opportunity to get inked by renowned tattoo artists or simply admire their work. With over 200 artists expected to participate, there will be a wide range of styles and designs to choose from.

In addition to tattooing, the expo will also include live music performances, sideshow acts, and art displays. Attendees can browse through vendor booths and purchase tattoo-related merchandise, collectibles, and memorabilia. Food and drink options will be available to satisfy any cravings.


The Atlantic City Tattoo Expo is not only a celebration of body art, but it also serves as a platform for artists to connect with their peers and share their passion for tattooing. It offers a chance for tattoo enthusiasts to immerse themselves in the culture and learn more about the art form.

Whether you are a tattoo enthusiast, an artist looking for inspiration, or simply curious about the world of body art, the Atlantic City Tattoo Expo is an event worth attending. It provides an opportunity to appreciate the skill and creativity of tattoo artists while enjoying a vibrant and engaging atmosphere.