The Stillness of the Funeral Home: An Intimate Encounter with Death


A recent article explores the intriguing practice of setting the face in the mortuary. This process involves carefully arranging the deceased person's face to improve their appearance for the funeral. While some may view this as an excessive and unnecessary procedure, it holds great significance for others.

Setting the face is a relatively common practice in mortuaries, and it begins with cleaning and preparing the deceased's body. A skilled mortuary professional then delicately positions the facial features to create a more peaceful and lifelike appearance. This task requires a keen eye and attention to detail, as any misstep can result in an unnatural or unsettling look.


One of the key reasons for setting the face is to provide comfort to the grieving family and friends. Seeing their loved one in a more peaceful state can help reduce the shock and trauma associated with death. It allows the bereaved to remember their dear one in a dignified and serene manner. Additionally, it allows for a smoother transition during the viewing and funeral, creating a more positive experience for everyone involved.

Although setting the face is not mandatory, many families choose to have it done as they believe it helps honor and celebrate the deceased's life. It serves as a final act of respect and love for the departed, ensuring that they are presented in the best way possible during their last moments.

While setting the face may not be a familiar concept to many, it has long been valued by those in the funeral industry. This meticulous practice highlights the importance of creating a peaceful and comforting environment for both the deceased and their loved ones.