Crushing Rib Injury and the Journey to Rebuilding Self-Assurance | This Esme

Title: My Worst Fall Ever! (Broken Rib..) AD + Regaining Confidence | This Esme


This article recounts a personal experience of a severe fall resulting in a broken rib. Written by the author, This Esme, the story revolves around the accident, the subsequent recovery process, and the journey to regain confidence in horseback riding.

The writer begins by describing the events leading up to the accident. She explains how she was filming a promotional video with her horse, Teddy, when things took a turn for the worse. In an attempt to capture an impressive shot, she urged Teddy to jump over an obstacle. However, both the horse and the writer misjudged the distance, resulting in a crash and a broken rib for Esme.

Esme details the immediate aftermath of the accident, sharing her experience of being rushed to the hospital and undergoing the necessary medical procedures. She highlights the physical pain she endured but also the emotional toll it took on her confidence as a rider. She expresses the fear and anxiety that gripped her, making her question her ability to continue riding.

The article then shifts focus to the recovery process. Esme explains how she took time to heal and regain her strength, both physically and mentally. She highlights the support she received from her family, friends, and the equestrian community, which played a significant role in her recuperation. Esme also mentions the techniques she employed to expedite her recovery, such as partaking in Pilates classes and receiving physiotherapy.

As her physical health improved, Esme embarked on the journey of overcoming her fear and rebuilding her confidence as a rider. She discusses the importance of baby steps and taking things at her own pace. Esme acknowledges her cautious approach to jumping again, taking time to regain trust in Teddy and herself. She emphasizes the significance of small achievements along the way, boosting her confidence little by little.

The article concludes with Esme expressing gratitude for the experience, stating that the fall taught her valuable lessons about resilience, patience, and the importance of self-belief. She ends on a positive note, sharing her excitement for the future and her determination to continue pursuing her passion for horseback riding, now armed with a newfound understanding of the risks and rewards it brings.

Overall, this article recounts the author's experience of a severe fall resulting in a broken rib, and her subsequent journey of physical and emotional recovery as well as regaining confidence in horseback riding.